Rent with Confidence.

A rental property is an important asset that can supply you with a valuable source of income.

As the owner of an apartment, home, condo, or other property, you’ll want to be prepared in the event that your investment is damaged. With proper insurance, you’ll receive a complete degree of protection to keep yourself and your rental property insured.

The proper rental policy can provide options from Personal Property and Liability to Medical Payments to Others and Dwelling to accommodate the special risks that you as a property owner may face. Landlords Insurance can also cover:

  • Damage to your property or other attached structures from a fire, natural disaster, or other peril, including damage caused by tenants
  • Expenses you may be legally obligated to pay for the property damage or medical payments in the event of injury
  • Legal counsel and fees in the event of a related lawsuit
  • Additional expenses to make up for lost income if your property needs repaired through loss of use

With the benefits of a rental Insurance policy, you can rent to tenants with the confidence of knowing your investment is secure.